Why Edinburgh is like a doner kebab

The team behind Julie Burchill: Absolute Cult – author Tim Fountain, director Mike Bradwell and actor Lizzie Roper – are all Edinburgh veterans. Mike has been coming since 1966 and Tim since 1989 (this year marks his 25th anniversary), while Lizzie’s ten-plus Fringe credits include comedians’ musical Gutted, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest with Christian Slater, The Odd Couple with Bill Bailey and Alan Davies, and her last one-woman play, Peccadillo Circus, which she also wrote.

What keeps them all coming back?

DonerKebab200Lizzie Roper: Edinburgh is amazing. It’s gets your blood pumping. It’s what we all want to do, what we can’t keep away from, what we vow we’ll never do again.


Tim Fountain: Edinburgh is like a doner kebab. If it’s long enough between kebabs, you convince yourself that you really want one.


Mike Bradwell: I say Edinburgh is like a really bad student party. Someone has hidden the booze and everyone is rushing around saying, “where’s the booze? Where’s the booze?” Everyone runs around trying to find the must-see show. “This one is going to be fantastic”… “no this one!” You get from the show and, “yes, that show was fantastic, but have you found out where the booze is yet?”


So you down everything, and later you get back to London, and think, “what did we drink? Can you remember?” Then one of these must-see shows comes to London, and when you see it again at Trafalgar Studios or somewhere, you think, “f**king hell, we must have really been pissed!”. I love the Edinburgh festival.

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