Outings is impressive, says the Observer

‘At the Gilded Balloon, there was an impressive production inspired by the diver Tom Daley – specifically his decision, last year, to out himself. Outings related dozens of such stories, sourced by Matthew Baldwin and Thomas Hescott, dramatised by Zoe Lyons, Rob Deering, Andrew Doyle and Camille Ucan. When did the interviewees first know? Aged 4, 7, 11, 34. Where did they first know? At bat mitzvahs, visiting euroboys.com, watching John Craven on Newsround. As with Broke, it was the accumulated weight of confession that made Outings powerful. Some of the tales were extraordinary, such as the Guinness-based “cure” offered by a Liverpool hospital; most were grimly believable. Parents in denial. Herd-responding schoolkids, aiming rubbers. The performers, all standup comics by trade, kept flair in check, reserving it for occasions. The room roared at Doyle’s portrayal of a melodramatic teen, his mum too understanding. He wanted to be thrown out of the family home! He’d perfected just the sashay with which to leave.’

Read the full Observer review here.

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